Vectormen Podcast #44 – “Chaos Bingo”

On Episode #44 of Vectormen Podcast, Lawrence and Lee discuss the original Fallout and whether it holds up / making progress in Bloodborne / two indie darlings from 2021: Mind Scanners and Mini Motorways / recommendations from the Sonic Amateur Gaming Expo 2021 / and all the news in gaming this week.

AKA Close to the Cutting Edge;  Clint Beastwood; Default Dance to “I Have a Dream” ; Clumsy Faith; I Just Want My Kids Back

Hosted by Lee Brady ( and Lawrence (@BPR_Lawrence)

Music by Lee Brady, created using Beepbox (

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00:00:00 – Lavender Town

00:01:21 – Follow-Up (Episode’s out on time, Yakuza is 2020, Vectormen Live Plug: Talisman Edition) 

00:11:10 – Lawrence watched Jerma live out the Sims

00:22:03 – Lawrence plays the original Fallout

01:01:31 – Lee talks Bloodborne Cubbyhole

01:20:17 – Lee plays MIND SCANNERS

02:06:03 – Lee talks Mini Motorways

02:20:42 – News: Activision Blizzard lawsuit expands for potentially destroying documents // Jesse McCree gets a name change

02:25:47 – News: Gamescom announcements, including new Blasphemous and more!

02:32:13 – News: Gamasutra rebrands to Game Developer

02:35:04 – News: Lee gives his top 3 recommendations from SAGE 2021 (Sonic Amateur Gaming Expo)

02:49:06 – News: Call of Duty Vanguard reignites the File Size Conspiracy

02:50:50  – News: Dead by Daylight loses Stranger Things content, probably because of Netflix’s new game streaming ambitions or something


03:01:46 – News: Zombies no longer racist

03:03:16 – At Last, the Three Hour Podcast

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  1. saurotitan says:

    The only thing worse than adding MLK to Fortnite would probably be Rosa Parks… battle bus and all, adding that as a skin would lead to such destruction that the internet “truce” between the young and the old would collapse like wet cardboard.

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