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Vectormen Podcast #46 – “The Gex Mines”

On Episode #46 of Vectormen Podcast, Lawrence talks about Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth, Lee talks about Kingdom Hearts 3, and on this week’s news: Persona trilogy, Randy Pitchford’s Wikipedia, Sonic Origins disappoints, and Square Enix perpetually attempts to squander its good name. AKA After the Great Hiatus; Elon Musk’s Brain in a Jar; Secondaries; The…

Vectormen Podcast #45 – “Second-Hand Monsters”

On Episode #45 of Vectormen Podcast, Lawrence talks about card-dealing CYOA game Hand of Fate, while Lee struggles with the combat of 2018’s God of War and 2011’s The Witcher 2. Plus: Daemon x Machina, Spelunky 2, and the news.

Vectormen Podcast #44 – “Chaos Bingo”

On Episode #44 of Vectormen Podcast, Lawrence and Lee discuss the original Fallout and whether it holds up / making progress in Bloodborne / two indie darlings from 2021: Mind Scanners and Mini Motorways / recommendations from the Sonic Amateur Gaming Expo 2021 / and all the news in gaming this week.

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