Vectormen Podcast #46 – “The Gex Mines”

On Episode #46 of Vectormen Podcast, Lawrence talks about Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth, Lee talks about Kingdom Hearts 3, and on this week’s news: Persona trilogy, Randy Pitchford’s Wikipedia, Sonic Origins disappoints, and Square Enix perpetually attempts to squander its good name.

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AKA After the Great Hiatus; Elon Musk’s Brain in a Jar; Secondaries; The First Naked Throughline; Mass Hallucination, NFT-HOG //

Hosted by Lee Brady (@leepaulbrady // and Lawrence (@BPR_Lawrence)
Music by Lee Brady

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00:00:00 — Vectormen Shippuden
00:01:11 — Follow-Up (After the Great Hiatus // Podcast Eternal // Arc End Fail)
00:07:33 — Lawrence plays Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth
00:35:50 — Lee plays Kingdom Hearts 3, the entire Kingdom Hearts series, and talks Big Games for Baby Brains
01:16:45 — Lee gets a job as a games journo // The Steely Dan demographic // Vectormen’s first dead meme
01:21:23 — News: Persona 3/4/5 get ports to everything
01:28:03 — News: Zachtronics closes
01:31:00 — News: Yuji Naka Unleashed
01:33:55 — News: Guillemot’s Gambit
01:41:16 — News: Pitchford has a son
01:44:05 — News: Sonic Origins isn’t great
01:47:58 — News: Square Enix swerves into NFTs while Embracer sends Tomb Raider to the Gex Mines

The really bad Embracer Media infographic:

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