Vectormen Podcast #45 – “Second-Hand Monsters”

On Episode #45 of Vectormen Podcast, Lawrence talks about card-dealing CYOA game Hand of Fate, while Lee struggles with the combat of 2018’s God of War and 2011’s The Witcher 2. Plus: Daemon x Machina, Spelunky 2, and the news.

AKA “A Giant Floating Head with Amazing Powers”; “The Clockdown”; “The Ignominious End”; “Just Don’t Do It”;  “The Dongle Within”

Hosted by Lee Brady ( and Lawrence (@BPR_Lawrence)

Music by Lee Brady, created using Beepbox (

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00:00:00 – Lawrence’s Birthday is 9/11

00:01:54 – Follow-Up (We played Spelunky/Scoundrels of Skullport; The Last Emote Standing from the MLK Event is VERY BAD; Lee is Mortal; Lee didn’t watch Jerma)

00:08:01 – Vectormen Live Plug (Spelunky 2, Pokémon Unite and Daemon x Machina)

00:23:36 – Lawrence plays Hand of Fate

00:45:11 – Prelude to Quitting Games Part 3: Talking the Gun out of Lawrence’s Mouth

00:51:26 – Lee quits playing The Witcher 2: Assassininins Of Kinginings

01:06:01 – Lee quits 2018’s God of War

01:26:10 – News: PlayStation Showcase 2021 was good!

01:33:34 – News: Sonic Colours Ultimate-ly Blinds Kids

01:36:30 – News: Apple v Epic comes to a surprising conclusion

01:42:08 – News: Activision Blizzard sued.. Again.

01:45:32 – News: Paradox Interactive are also, sadly, a bad company

01:52:48 – News: Evan Wells make that hand gesture that lets us all know that handling Crunch at his multi-million dollar studio is just a thing he’s not too fussed about figuring out

01:58:21 – News: Surprise! Nintendo had bluetooth capacity in those Switches all along

02:01:10 – News: Imagine being latched onto the PlayStation Network, where owning a game that runs on more than a single device does not count as a single purchase

02:03:58 – News: Vectormen out themselves as pro-China, which we hear is cool now

02:09:40 – OMG Does Naruto have a Twin!?!?

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