Vectormen Podcast #43 – “Capitalist Bubble Dream”

On Episode #43 of Vectormen Podcast, Lawrence and Lee talk Talisman, Dorfromantik, Rock & Rule, M Night Shyamalan’s OLD and all the horrifying news coming out of Activision Blizzard post-lawsuit.

AKA Tease You Out

Hosted by Lee Brady ( and Lawrence (@BPR_Lawrence)

Music by Lee Brady, created using Beepbox (

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00:00:00 – A Thousand Eyes on Vectormen Podcast

00:02:34 – Follow-Up (Blasphemy, Birthdays and Cruise Ships) 

00:09:56 – Lawrence wraps up on Blasphemous

00:11:53 – Lawrence plays the Digital Edition of classic board game, Talisman

00:43:05 – Lawrence watches Rock & Rule (AKA Ring of Power)

00:57:07 – Lee plays Early-Access Dorfromantik, explains why it is not actually chill

01:23:00 – Lee talks M Night Shyamalan’s OLD

01:34:02 – PRENEWS

01:35:21 – News: Sony finalises purchase of Crunchyroll: how it affects you and your anime needs

01:39:44 – News: Mortal Kombat animated movie reminds that Mortal Kombat had a real movie this year

01:41:14 – News: Movie Knuckles voice actor announced / Starlight Zone at the Olympics / Lee talks about the Olympics and complains about the BBC’s coverage, like he’s 55 or something and no he’s not cutting it

01:48:10 – News: Quantic Dream engage in WILD COLLAGE

01:50:40  – News: Annapurna Games showcase a bunch of cool new stuff

02:00:21 – News: Information about Skull and Bones troubled development comes out

02:04:17 – News: Activision Blizzard sued for a corporate structure that preys on and abuse women – 3 weeks of coverage catch-up

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