Vectormen Podcast #42 – “Castles and Vanias”

On this episode of Vectormen Podcast, Lawrence and Lee talk Blasphemous, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Sony’s Rain, anime, gaming news, and Assassin’s Creed: Infinity.

AKA The Last Wave; Erotic Violence; From Hell’s Heart

Hosted by Lee Brady ( and Lawrence (@BPR_Lawrence)

Music by Lee Brady, created using Beepbox (

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00:00:00 – Live from the Heatwave

00:02:00– Follow-Up (Skullgirls stands strong, the Apex hacker clarifications, Timesplitters and Free Radical Design updates, Lee starts a new website: 

00:11:27 – Lawrence wraps up on Hades

00:12:14 – Lawrence plays Blasphemous, reflects on Catholic guilt

00:42:14 – Lee, rather on theme, plays Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (also reflections on older Castlevania games, Mega Man and Cyber Shadow)

01:20:21 – Lee also talks PS3’s Rain, its development, and speculates about its direction (alongside special industry insider guest)

01:51:36 – News: New Switch compels few while new Steam Deck entices

02:04:02 – News: Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl coming out strong

02:07:16 – News: Gundam Evolution is just Overwatch with Gundam, which is cool, and we talk a bit about Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia, Case Closed and Gundam memes off the back of that

02:16:46 – News: id Software’s Super Mario 3 now in a museum / Hideo Kojima prefers “Death Stranding: Director’s PLUS”

02:21:21 – News: Sega’s Judgement/Judgment trapped in some bizarro dispute with Tekuya Kimura’s old-world agency which threatens to end the series. We then just… riff on how old fashioned this agency must be.

02:32:04 – News: Ubisoft releases documents, admits to a potential brain drain due to the harassment in the top brass; also merges two studios which employes aren’t happy about; also, we talk about Assassin’s Creed Infinity, a game that fundamentally signals the end of what we liked about Assassin’s Creed

02:43:14  – News: Ending on a Bummer 


^ Ikeda’s stealth game quote

^ Ikeda wants a violent game next

^ Keiji Inafune on Rain

^ The very funny Mighty No. 9 article

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