Happy Launch Day

i can only pretend to care for the lowercase thing in the first line of these posts

Who knows why the heart does what it does?
Scientists, that’s who.
Also most children.
That’s not even the usual way you phrase that question, let’s change the subject.

Welcome to lesserland, my latest in a long line of websites doomed to fail – but this time, on purpose!

The idea with the site is really just to stop myself from my worst habits.
Ambitious projects.
Idealistic career paths.
None of these are possible via this website.

It is a place where I can upload and work on, incrementally, all the dumb stuff I do (and want to do) in my own time – hopefully, with an eye to taking a foot off the pedal of the ‘must be premier writer guy who is thought of as funny and smart and who is well liked’ and onto the pedal of ‘I already have a job I like, so chill out and make some nonsense to make yourself laugh’. (This would have been a good metaphor if I was actively stopping something with that second pedal, but it’s kind of a semi-on thing, so what nightmare metaphorical machine are we operating here?)

lesserland is a place to indulge in the dumb things I enjoy. Things like trying to draw, making bleepy-bloopy music, streaming video games, writing obscenely long blog posts and chapters of unfinishable stories and roleplaying campaigns and… reviewing stuff… probably…
Who knows? The important thing is that, at time of writing, lesserland is simply a terrifyingly blank beige-on-teal canvas for me to doodle on. Maybe in a month or two it will be hilariously different from the time I wrote this post, and it’ll be some sort of cold, calculated place for me to sell humourous t-shirts at cutthroat prices. The important thing is, it isn’t going to be my career and that’s a good thing.

The one mild hope I have for lesserland is that some people will eventually see I have a good sense of humour and clearly nothing else going on in my life, and ask me to look at whatever they’re up to and… see what I think? Pitch in? I don’t know. That’s the ideal scenario, anyway. If you’ve got stuff you’re working on and you want someone who technically could make good stuff to give you some feedback or an idea to work on or something, let me know. Then maybe together we’ll shoot for the stars and conquer this dirt-globe and NO! BAD AMBITION! STOP!

Anyway, e-mail in the who and why segment, let’s lumber into this adventure and start as we mean to go on with an artistic rending of that Metaphorical Machine…

this is what you wanted, right?

~ Lee

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